Cafe fukuji English


Cafeふくじ 福原慎二

Cafe Fukuji locates inside the flower shop “Hana-Ichirin”.  This place is worth visiting if you love flowers as you can enjoy food, coffee, tea, or other refreshments while gazing at the garden and flowers.

The coffee is carefully brewed one cup at a time using freshly deep roasted beans once an order is placed.

Please enjoy your private moment in the store, on the terrace, or in the garden surrounded by trees.

・Parking · Free Wi-fi · PC power · Terrace seating (Dog OK!) · Garden


Breakfast time 8:00~10:30

Lunch time 10:30~17:00 (LO 15:30)

Closed Wednesday and Thursday

〒 904-0011
5-6-10 Teruya,Okinawa-si,Nakagami-gun,Okinawa,Japan (in hanaichirin)


TO GO OK! To-Go menu here

Breakfast Menu (8:00~10:30)

Fukuji Breakfast 1300yen~
(Choose from sandwiches you like + Soup・Drinks・Dessert)

Sandwiches (With a Drinks) 900yen

Croque-monsieur (With a Drinks) 900yen

Banana & Peanut Butter hot sand (With a Drinks) 900yen

French toast 900yen

Lunch menu (12:00~17:00 LO 15:30)

Fukuji plate 1500yen~
(Choose from food you like + ・Soup・Salad・Drink・Dessert)

Omurice (With a Soup) 800yen
(Cooked rice wrapped in an omelet)

Rice gratin (With Soup) 900yen

Oyako-don (With Soup) 900yen
(Chicken, onion and egg rice bowl)

Sandwiches (With a Soup) 800yen

Croque-monsieur (With a Soup) 800yen

Banana & Peanut Butter hot sand 800yen

French toast 800yen

Dessert of the day

French toast 800yen

Daily cake 500yen
*Cake set, your favorite drink ¥100 will be cheaper*


Coffee (Hot / Iced) 400yen

Cafe Latte (Hot / Iced) 400yen

Black tea (Hot / Iced) 400yen

Herb tea(Hot / Iced) 400yen

Homemade gettou tea (Hot / Iced) 400yen

Milk (Hot / Iced) 400yen

Orange Juice 400yen

Carbonated water 400yen

Banana Smoothie 600yen

Ginger & Okinawa Island Lemon (Hot / Ice) 600yen

milkshake 600yen


Orion beer 600yen

Non alcohol beer 500yen

Amaretto cocktail variety 500yen

Lamb cocktail 500yen

Awamori 500yen

Shochu kuro Kirishima 500yen

HOT wine 500yen

Glass wine (red / white) 500yen

Bottle wine (red / white) 1500yen